Review: BlueLounge Milo – Micro-Suction Stand

Before I get started on this review, I would like to give a big thanks to Bluelounge you sent the Milo out to me for review. You can find more information about all their products at




If your anything like me, when your sitting at you’re desk you want somewhere to pop your phone that keeps it at arms reach and holds it at just the right angle so you can glance down and check on whatever it is you want to check on (lets face it – Twitter). And you’ll want it to look good. The Milo from Bluelounge is exactly that; a good looking, minimalist  stand for your smartphone.

Milo Back

Milo Back

As with all Bluelounge products, the design of the Milo is very simple and elegant, a simple curved piece of solid Aluminum with a plastic lip at the bottom and a plastic section that allows the phone to be attached. I think the inspiration for the design is fairly obvious, as it looks like the stand from Apple’s iMac which is definitely a positive thing. This design does mean that it will fit in to most rooms of your house; it wouldn’t look out of place in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. And as your phone can be attached at any angle, it could easily help your phone become an alarm clock, or just give you somewhere to put it to watch iPlayer whilst you do your chores!

The Milo makes use of Bluelounge’s Micro-Suction Pads to both hold the phone in place, and hold the stand down to your desk. These Micro-Suction Pads are very strong, when attaching your phone you never feel like it is going to fall off, but also allow the phone to be removed very easily with no residue left behind. After about a week of use I found that my phone became a bit looser on the stand, basically it was easier to remove, but cleaning the pad with a piece of sellotape made it as good as new!

Milo and iPhone

Milo and iPhone

As the design allows access to all sides of your phones whilst its on the stand, depending on the size of the phone, and where the charge port is, you should be able to charge your phone whist its attached. As shown below I am able to charge my iPhone 4S in portrait orienation, but other larger phones may only be able to be charged whilst connected in landscape.

iPhone Charging

iPhone Charging

Whilst the packaging, their website, and the styling may indicate this is an Apple only accessory, this is not the case. The Milo can be used with the majority of smartphones, although some Silicon or Textured cases may not be held by the micro-suction, I have a Incipio Feather case for my iPhone which didn’t. Also, although its not really recommended, you could use this stand with a tablet, I used the Milo with my iPad Mini – but wouldn’t recommend anything larger (there is actually another product coming soon similar to this designed for tablets; the Mika).

Overall this is another great product from the team at Bluelounge. A very well designed accessory, simple, straightforward and does its intended task perfectly. 5/5.

The Milo is available from the Bluelounge website for €16.95, find out more and buy here – Bluelounge Milo


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  • Great review of an awesome product! I could imagine getting this for my Nexus 4 but I’d rather take a stand with conductive charging and maybe even an NFC tag inside so it’s not exactly what I want, but it looks really awesome!
    Keep up the great articles!

  • Marshall Steeves

    This is really a superb stand. Very simple and aesthetic design. Wonderful review. Keep up the great work.