Pokémon X and Y – What I’d like to See

Hello everyone, my name is Jack and in this article, I will be discussing five features that I would like to see in the new Pokémon X & Y video games which are set to be released worldwide in October 2013.





Feature #1 – More Quests

Pokemon FireRed - Rescuing Mr Fuji - SideQuest (Image Credit: HugeFrigginArms)

Pokemon FireRed – Rescuing Mr Fuji – SideQuest (Image Credit: HugeFrigginArms)

Yes, I’d like to see more quests, what I mean by more quests is, more to do. Along with the main storyline, I’d like little side stories that compliment the game’s storyline. For example, using the quest from Fire Red in Lavender Town, the player had to make his or her way through the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City, defeating Rocket Grunts along the way before defeating the leader Giovanni to gain the Silph Scope. This would lead onto a new quest where the player had to traverse the tower in Lavender Town and use the Silph Scope to put the roaming Marowak ghost back to peace and therefore rescue Mr Fuji who is captured by Team Rocket Grunts. The reason behind this feature is that it would A) increase game-play longevity B) give you another opportunity to train your existing Pokémon team and catch more and add more pages to your Pokédex.

Feature #2 – More Cities

Pokemon World (Image Credit: PhotoBucket)

Pokemon World (Image Credit: PhotoBucket)

This feature ties in with the first feature. Adding more cities I feel would further add more depth to the game. With an increase in cities, you could also add those new cities to tie in with the more quests. For example, when entering a smaller city before a bigger city, maybe the addition small tournament that you must win before you progress. Maybe changing up the tournament style, instead of one versus one maybe two versus two or you choose rental Pokémon to battle with that maybe aren’t used as much that would give the player a taste of Pokémon that wouldn’t perhaps be used at all. Instead of a tournament, a practice gym perhaps that would allow the player to train his or her team further in preparation for the next gym.

Feature #3 – More in-depth After Story

This I feel could be the most important feature ahead of or along with the fifth feature of this article. One of my main gripes with Black and White 2 is that there isn’t much to do after the main story is complete. There’s only so long I want to train my team before I get bored. I collect all the Pokémon I can before I need to trade with someone else who has Black 2 and sadly I don’t know anyone who has Black 2. Furthermore, an example to copy would be the Sevii Islands from Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green versions. Although it wasn’t much of an after story, it was at least an addition to the game that would increase the playability as well as the longevity of the game.

Feature #4 – Customise Your Character

Pokemon X & Y - Potential Customizability Option? (Image Credit: VideoGamesBlogger)

Pokemon X & Y – Potential Customizability Option? (Image Credit: VideoGamesBlogger)

This feature is more of a hopeful request that Nintendo and Game Freak add to the game to add the game that I feel would add another aspect to the series. What could happen is, you go to whatever city has the department store and you go up to the floor and upon arrival you can purchase new clothes for example. However, this would require that the game developers add in new sprites. A nice feature I think, but not a feature that, if left out would stop me from buying the game. The above image taken from the official X and Y trailer would suggest that players can change how their character appears. However, at the time of writing, this feature is unconfirmed

The Final Feature #5 – One More Region

This feature is definitely more of a general request, but I feel it can be tied in with the overall theme of the article. The addition of an extra region would definitely be a plus in my books. Maybe not in this game because the focus would be on the 6th generation of Pokémon and all the new Pokémon that would be added, but for remakes of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald that allow the player to go back to say for example Sinnoh or Johto or even Kanto. I think with the hardware and software that the 3DS currently has including an extra region would allow a much richer experience when playing those potential remakes.

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