Meelectronics M9 Review: Drop the Bass

Most audiophiles want the clearest and purest of sounds, a ruler flat sound that mimics how the music would sound in real life.  The M9s are the exact opposite of this. What’s interesting is a “mainstream-oriented” earphone such as the M9 grew extremely popular within the near entirely audiophile community due to its bang for buck qualities. Many years passed and the once great king has now succumbed to other bang for buck earphones, but after all the years, are the M9s still relevant to a mainstream bass loving audience?

As soon as the box is opened, the m9s constantly surprise you. While the box is bland and boring, the accessories on the inside really impress. There is a small, medium, large, double flanged, balanced dual flange earbuds as well as a case and a shirt clip.  The only thing more I could ask for included in the accessories would be a tube amp. The shirt clip , unfortunately, is pre-attached to the M9s so getting it off is nearly impossible.

The build quality of the M9s is incredible and mindboggling. To think, how can a $15 earphone have the build quality of a $100 earphone? The cable is absolutely beautiful with the plastic covering it being clear and allowing you to see the intricacies of the wrapped wires. The cable ends off with a nicely strain covered l jack, which I prefer the most. The M9p version, the one that I am using, has a nicely put microphone on the right earphones cable. The microphone is not obtrusive, for the most part. The M9s casings are made out of aluminum while most earphones are made of plastic. This is both a blessing and a curse. Aluminum makes for a very strong and well-built casing but a rather heavy casing in comparison to conservatively made plastic counterparts. The curse of aluminum is the fit.

The fit of the M9s is debatable, even more than most earphones. In many earphones, the design of the casing is plastic due to the weightiness of other materials. However, the downside of plastic is the earphone is of lesser quality build. The M9s go the opposite route with an aluminum casing; this makes getting the perfect fit very complex at first usage. Eventually, you will get the hang of putting the M9s in your ears, though I wouldn’t want to be running a mile in these, that’s what the M6s are for.  While having a greatly built earphone is great, I’d rather have an earphone that sticks securely in my ear. At this price range every earphone has its curse, with the M9s it’s the fit.


Irrefutably, the most important aspect of an earphone is the sound. Though, the mainstream consumers that Meelectronics is intending to bring may not yet fully understand this. The M9s do well to focus on the strengths of cheap dynamic earphone, that is bass, rather than move against it.

As a mainstream focused earphone, the M9s have an incredibly powerful bass that completely dominates most of the sound. However, the bass can control itself when it needs too. When the bass drops, the bass drops the bass very impactful which makes the m9s amazing for dubstep, rap, or pop. If a “good” earphone is supposed to simulate a concert, the M9s simulate a rave. While the bass is incredible for the price, there are still superior bass heavy earphones.

The midrange is slightly recessed due to the enormous amount of bass pumped out by the M9s. However, the midrange was not as recessed as most of the “Mainstream oriented” earphones. When playing rock songs, this weakness of the M9s can be heard very clearly. Though, most “mainstream” consumers are into more bass heavy songs so this makes sense.  During some songs, the vocals got overlapped by the incredible amount of bass being delivered.

Słuchawki MEElectronics M9

Treble, though not as boosted as the bass, is still very good.  There is some sibilance and harshness in some songs due to the boosted treble. However, this is a very rare occurrence and a minor nuisance. Electric guitars are decent but this is definitely not the iem for rock. High hats could sound harsh but for the most part were decent.

Soundstage is more than most earphones in this price range. It was extraordinarily better than I was expecting but will not simulate a concert. Most earphones in this price range have no soundstage at all. The m9s do have some soundstage but nothing too advanced. The instruments were mostly mushed together but that is expected at this price range.

Rather than a more balanced sound , the M9s favor a more bass heavy , mainstreaming catering , sound signature which works out for them. Most people only care about “dat bass” rather than the subtleties of the music they are listening to. This does not make the M9s a bad earphone, but a “mainstream” earphone. The M9s are my personal favorite earphone to recommend to the “average Joe” because of this. With the new dual dynamic earphones and Bluetooth headphones already out, Meelectronics has a great future ahead of it, all started by a little earphone called the M9s.


  • Big Bass
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Extraordinary amount of accessories
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Great Build Quality


  • Fit is very Subjective
  • Midrange is slightly recessed
  • Treble can be harsh at times
  • Not very good for non-bass centric music

Music that fits for this Earphone: Electronic(any kind), Pop(you know lady gaga and that stuff , I don’t listen to the radio) , Rap

Music that doesn’t fit with this earphone: Rock , classical , indie (Basically any vocal centric music that the mainstream doesn’t listen to)


Meelectronics M9 final score: 8.4/10 it was a great earphone but due to technological advancements in low end earphone technology it is slightly outdated. 



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