Samsung Galaxy S4: The ‘Life Companion’

Samsung is said to have spent millions of dollars on marketing its flagship of 2013, the Galaxy S4, touting it as a ‘life companion’ said to help enhance your everyday life.

Kantar media predicts that the firm will spend a staggering $150m during May alone to market the device globally. And, according to Ines Van Gennip, Samsung’s UK marketing director, it will be the company’s biggest ever marketing campaign to date.


Editor’s note:  This is a guest post written by Sarah Hazelwood of Dialaphone, the home of cheap mobile phones.

To prepare for the roll-out of the Galaxy S4 on 26 April, Samsung has already launched a series of television commercials to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Advertising won’t stop there however, and is expected to stretch far wider over coming weeks with industry experts predicting the Galaxy S4 will be “everywhere”, from on screen, to billboards and newspapers.

Brand Awareness

Samsung GALAXY S4 - Front Edge (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

Samsung GALAXY S4 – Front Edge (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

While the marketing campaign is yet to get into full swing the Galaxy S4 is already being tipped to ship around 10 million units in its first month, a figure expected to top 70 million sales before the end of the year.

Samsung is undoubtedly in a very stable financial position and the fact the firm can splash out such a large chunk of its fortunes on advertising is a key element to enable the firm to create world-wide brand awareness amongst consumers. In turn, the more customers that become familiar with adverts for the device will only help boost sales of Samsung’s devices even further.

So, can a smartphone really be classed as a ‘life companion’ or is Samsung’s aggressive marketing strategy merely forcing its latest concept in the face of consumers to convince them to buy the device?

Well, the Galaxy S4 certainly comes packed with innovation, all of which Samsung claim will make for a “better quality of life”. The new television adverts go some way to showing off these features, breaking them down into four key areas to appeal to all types of smartphone user.

What makes it a life companion?

Samsung GALAXY S4 - Air View (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

Samsung GALAXY S4 – Air View (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

Firstly there’s the ‘fun’ factor which sees a wealth of new features built into the camera app. These include Dual Camera, which uses the front and rear lenses at the same time to provide a ‘picture in picture’ experience. There are also various modes to customise images, such as Sound & Shot, which allows users to add an audio clip over their pictures.

Then there’s ‘togetherness’, which includes functions such as Group Play that allows the sharing of  documents and photos with other enabled devices within close range. Also on board is S Translator, a new app that can translate up to nine different European languages.

‘Simplicity’ is another area of focus for the firm. This is achieved by functions such as Smart Pause, which pauses video footage automatically as soon as you look away from the screen, and Air Gesture, which lets you swipe through your app menus with a simple wave across the screen.

Finally, one of the biggest shouts is ‘health and well-being’, which brings S-Health to the fore. It’s a suite of apps include a calorie counter, pedometer and food tracker to improve and monitor your overall health and fitness levels.

Money matters

Samsung GALAXY S4 - Notifications Bar (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

Samsung GALAXY S4 – Notifications Bar (Image Credit: Dialaphone)

These are just a few of the key features which Samsung is placing at the centre of its advertising campaign to showcase the Galaxy S4 as a device that really does benefit each user and essentially become a ‘life companion’.

Adam Hartung of Forbes said Samsung “allows its budget to grow along with its revenue” which means the firm is able to create new opportunities to increase its brand awareness across the globe, without having to worry about the financial implications.

Some industry experts have described the ‘life companion’ slogan a “little far fetched” but following record-breaking pre-registration figures the firm is already proving that a heavy marketing campaign is all that is needed to attract users to a handset which is yet to hit the shelves.

To see all these new features in action check out the full video review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Dialaphone below.

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