Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Orange Flip Case Cover Review!

The product I will review in this article is  a Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case Cover – Orange sold by Mobile Fun. Before starting the review, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mobile Fun for sending out this product for me to review. They sell a lot of great GALAXY S4 Cases so please check them out.



What’s Good About This Case

Inside of the case with S4 attached

Inside of the case with S4 attached

Similar to the Official Samsung Galaxy S III Black Flip Case I reviewed a few months ago, this case is an official Samsung accessory meaning it’s made out of high quality synthetic material, the front of the case has a nice soft touch, woven style finish and the rear is a matte plastic, which feels better to hold and due to its matte nature gets way less fingerprints on it compared to the standard S4 back cover. (Check pictures at the bottom of this article for a comparison between the back of this case cover and the standard GALAXY S4 cover)

It’s orange! Orange is my favourite colour so it’s nice to have a case cover to compliment my own personal tastes but this cover is also available in a wide variety of colours including White, Light Blue, Yellow, Pink, Lime Green and Black so there’s sure to be something to fit your taste and it’s nice of Samsung to give customers this much variety in an accessory.

Front of the case with S4 attached

Front of the case with S4 attached

As you might expect, being an official Samsung accessory means that it’s specifically made for the GALAXY S4 and as such there are precision cutouts for the earpiece, the rear camera, flash and the speaker on the back. The entire right side is exposed giving comfortable access to the sleep wake button, the left side is covered but there is some access to the volume rocker, more on that a bit later on.

The inside of the case on the left, i.e. the part that will go over the screen is a soft microfibre material, meaning the screen will not get damaged and it actually cleans the screen of any dust and debris that might have gathered. The inside of the case on the right, i.e. the part the phone (without the back cover) will go onto is a matte finish and smooth material so that the internals of the phone aren’t damaged. The phone is securely held in place with this cover and it’s very easy to attach and remove the phone from the cover, simply by removing the back plate, which has a fingernail groove to make the process simple. The case also doesn’t add much bulk or weight to the phone, keeping the same thin profile, meaning sliding the case cover into a jeans pocket or something isn’t an issue at all.

What’s Not So Good About This Case

Left side of the case with S4 attached

Left side of the case with S4 attached

As briefly mentioned above, there’s limited access to the volume rocker, this might not be an issue to some of you with small hands, but for me it was quite a pain, especially when I was at an event trying to take pictures, I found it difficult to use the volume rocker to zoom in and out and found myself taking off the case cover and using the standard back cover as a more efficient way of capturing the pictures. You could press on the outside of the case to zoom in/zoom out or increase/decrease volume but it’s still a bit of a pain for us large handed folk, it would have been nice if Samsung just gave a cutout for that.

This is a flip case cover, and it’s quite a shame that this accessory doesn’t take advantage of the sleep/wake magnet feature that the GALAXY S4 has, then again that’s where the S View cover comes in but that’s a side issue, it would have been a nice and welcome addition here, that’s all. Finally, the price is quite steep, while £19.99 is to be expected for an official first party accessory, it might still not be justified for some of you.

Final Thoughts

Close up of the bottom of the S4 Orange Flip Cover

Close up of the bottom of the S4 Orange Flip Cover

Ultimately, the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Orange Flip Case cover does what it says, it adds protection to the front and rear of the phone without any unnecessary bulk or weight, it’s available in a range of colours and the cutouts are nice. If you have large hands, you might find it difficult to access the volume rocker and spending almost 20 pounds on a case might not be worth it for some of you. The price is somewhat justified in the level of detail in terms of cut outs but also the materials and their finishes, for example matte back cover and microfibre inside so overall I would recommend this case cover.

I used this case briefly in one of my videos at 2:47 in the video below:

Here’s all the pictures I took of the case:

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

So what do you guys think of the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case Cover in Orange? What case are you using for your Samsung GALAXY S4 if you have one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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