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 iPad Mini, the new 7″ tablet from Apple, and the little brother of the large size iPad. In this article I will talk about the design,hardware,software of the iPad Mini and if you should get the mini or some other tablet.

The iPad Mini hardware is phenomenal. Its made of aluminum which is Apple’s favorite material for making products. As we studied in Chemistry class, aluminum is strong and is less denser than other metals and is used to make aircrafts. Well yes, i don’t know why i just brought Chemistry here but oh well, in a nut shell iPad mini has a brilliant design. The iPad mini has polished chamfered edges which adds to the iPad Mini’s already beautiful exterior.   The Mini comes in 2 colors , white or black. The black has the slate finish to the back quite similar to the one found on iPod Touch 5G while the white iPad Mini has the raw aluminum finish.

Now lets talk about the display, the display on the iPad mini has a resolution of 1024 x 768 which equates to 163 PPI.  Its a 7.9″ display and hence picture and videos  look alot better than on the  iPad 1/2. The iPad Mini’s display  looks okay. Pictures and videos look quite good on the mini even though as soon as you start reading text, you immediately start noticing pixels. Now in my experience the display wasnt as bad as I first thought. So in a nutshell the pictures and videos look good while the quality of the text is decent.


Now lets talk more about the display specifically the size. Most 7″ tablets have exactly 7 inch screens but in iPad Mini’s case its 7.9″. However surprisingly enough,  the mini still remains “mini”. Since Apple have have made the screen bigger while narrowing down the bezel in order to keep the device’s footprint smaller. The 7.9″ inch screen feels perfect to me. At first the iOS does seems shrunken down for an iPad but then you get used to it.



Now lets talk about the performance. I am happy to report that iOS still runs smoothly and lag free on the mini and i believe its because of the light and simple iOS. iOS still runs smoothly on an iPod Touch and iPad mini is no exception. Games and apps, run smoothly and switching between apps is responsive and fast.  The mini has an A5 Chip inside which is clocked at 1 GHz with 512 MB of RAM.   Geek-bench scores are also quite respectable and believe it or not the iPad 3 also score approximately same at GeekBench.

The Mini also comes with the lightening port which was first announced with the iPhone 5. Lightning cable uses a smaller 8 pin connector as opposed to the 30 pin connector in iPad 3 and iPhone 4s etc. It is also completely reversible so there really  isn’t a wrong way to connect it to the iPad mini.


  We also get two cameras on the iPad Mini. One is on the front while the other is, you got it, on the back .   The rear facing camera is 5 MP with auto focusing and has iPhone 5 kinda optics while the front facing camera is a 1.2 Mp shooter which supports 720P video recording. Both cameras are phenomenal. The back facing camera gives you truly beautiful pictures and videos. The front camera is great for video chatting etc.


Picture taken from iPad Mini’s Rear Facing Camera

So where does the mini stands? Well I love it! Its easily the best iPad. The iPad 3 is too large and bulky while the mini is light,small,and thin. The performance is great and the App Store is  like icing on the cake .Mini supports all the Apps that are made for the iPad 1,2,3/4 so thats great for both developers and consumers.  Some negatives are that the screen isn’t that good at all and retina display will be the first thing on my wish list for the second Gen. iPad Mini. Other than that the iOS is getting staler and boring and I just cant wait for WWDC 2013. Lastly the back of the iPad mini is prone to fingerprints and smudges.

 The mini starts at 329$ for the baseline model. The baseline model gives you 16 GB of storage and gives you wifi only. However you do have 32 GB and 64 GB options as well which costs 429$ and 529$. You also get 4G versions as well. You can buy the 4G versions in 16,32 and 64 GB capacity for 459$,559$ and 659$.   So I will give iPad Mini  8.5/10. I made a video review which you guys can check out down below. I hope you guys enjoyed my iPad Mini review. Make sure to follow me on twitter at @theiteckhq.


1. Nice Form-Factor

2. Premium Hardware

3. Good Cameras


1. Poor resolution screen

2. iOS is getting boring and staler.(iOS 6)

3. Back of the iPad Mini prone to smudges and fingerprints.

Watch the Full Video Review:


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