iPhone 5c – Explained!

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled two new smartphones, the iPhone 5S and 5c. The iPhone 5s brings with it good amount of features and innovation like the new Touch ID or fingerprint sensor , mind blowing A7 chip with 64 bit architecture and M7 chip for all the motion processing and improved camera. However, people are still confused why Apple released the 5c and whats the reason behind it.


Usually when apple unveils the new phone the current one is made cheaper. However Apple decided to change it around a little bit this time. The 5c comes with same specs as iphone 5 however the only difference is that 5c has a plastic or poly carbonate shell while the outgoing 5 had a beautiful aluminum structure.

In my opinion, the reason behind iPhone 5c is that since iPhone 5 production cost was high, ¬†selling it at a cheaper price wasn’t the best idea from marketing point of view. Plastic is always cheaper to produce with and can cause significant price drop. However, it seems that people are still confused with the word “C” in iPhone 5c.( C can stand for China,Cheaper,Crappy or Colorful.)


And in this case, it stands for “colorful”. 5c from no angle is cheaper. Coming at 549$ unlocked price it is just 100$ less than 5s ‘s 649$ price . For me i would much prefer a 549$ iPhone 5 than 549$ 5c.

It seems as if 5c was a marketing move rather then allowing more customers to get their hands on iPhone.  For me 5c has no real purpose. Buying a used iPhone 5 seems a better deal than spending 549$ on a brand new 5c even if the used iPhone 5 has similar pricing. A consumer in my book, would enjoy premium device more than a plastic colorful toy even if he has to pay 100$ more.


So what do you think? Is this something you want to buy, for me its a no. I prefer iPhone 5S over 5c and i think its much more sensible to purchase a used iPhone 5 if you are looking to buy something cheaper.


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