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Before starting this review a huge shoutout goes to RAT Stands for sponsoring their Z3 Stand for review.








What’s Good About This Stand?

The Z3 is a mobile stand for tablets of any size which gives you the freedom of working anywhere hands free. With it’s security features and future proofing, the Z3 is an ideal stand for all consumers.


The stand fits any sizes tablets, As you can see, here I am using it with the iPad 3.

The Z3 is manufactured using anodized aluminium which gives the stand great strength whilst preserving the lightweight design of the stand. The aluminium which the stand is made out of ensures that the stand is extremely light and still very strong. The stand is foldable which makes it extremely easy to carry when out and about and the light weight design of the stand helps it to be an extremely mobile product. Once fully folded, the stand is very small and can be held using one hand very easily.

The stand fully opened.

The stand in it’s full open position.

A huge benefit of the stand is that the cradle which is used to “house” the tablet into the stand is fully rotatable which means you can have the tablet inserted in any orientation. Another benefit is that the cradle is adjustable which means you can have a tablet of any size docked into the stand. The Z3 supports any tablet which has a screen between 7 and 10 inches which are the majority of modern day tablets.

Another benefit of the Z3 is that the stand is extremely secure. Once the tablet is inserted into the stand, the arm’s can be locked into position using a key that you receive with the product. The arms can be locked so that they unable to move therefore not allowing the tablet to be taken of the stand. The stand is also available to purchase with a floor mount which allows you to lock your stand to the floor. This helps keep the stand and your tablet extremely secure and is certainly another handy feature of the Z3.

A nifty feature of the Z3 is that the stand has a cutout near the adjustable arms which clip onto your tablet meaning you could have a charging cable attached and charging your device whilst docked. This makes it perfect for long speeches or conferences where third party equipment might be needed to connect to your tablet. This again helps make the Z3 an awesome stand and is definitely another awesome feature.

What is not so good about this stand?

A minor negative of the stand is that it does not allow you to dock your tablet into the adjustable arms if your tablet contains a case of any type. The stands adjustable arms which “grab” on to the tablet only have a very small gripping distance which effectively means that it is impossible to use a tablet containing a case with the stand. This is a minor negative however and doesn’t remove from any functionality of the device. Aside from this minor con, I found no other major issues with the stand.

Video Review:

You can check out a video review of the Z3 by Yoni from Geekslam below.


(You can view images of the Z3 stand below.

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  •  Solid high quality black anodized aluminium
  • Security Lock
  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Adjustable arms and fits tablets of all sizes
  • Allows Charging Cable to be used whilst tablet is docked


  •  Impossible to use a tablet with a case


So in conclusion, the Z3 is a perfect all-rounder. It’s high quality design, nifty security features and future proofing ability makes it the perfect stand for everyone. I would rate the Z3 a whopping 9/10 . A huge shout out goes to Ratstands for providing the Z3 for review.

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