Thoughts on the Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 is the latest Android smartphone from Sony mobile. It was announced at IFA 2013 and has already been recognised as a flagship. The Z1 is rumoured to be a big upgrade from the Xperia Z and the processor has been enhanced, the display and camera are better and even the bodywork has been improved! The Z1 is building on an already popular device, so expectations are high.



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Sony Xperia Z1 Black

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

When it comes to the design of the phone, a lot has changed. The hard edges have been replaced with a smoother, rounded look and feel. According to the Sony mobile design department, the Z1 has been made to rest comfortably in the hand. Something that hasn’t changed us the back plate which is still made of glass. The surrounding frame is now one piece made from a single piece of metal, anodised either black, white or purple. Then it will blasted again to make the edge even softer before anodising it another time on top.

This process creates a complete product that is two tone in colour and wonderful to touch. Another feature of the back piece of metal is the antenna that it doubles as! A massive feature of the Z1 is that it is waterproof! After receiving a lot of feedback, Sony decided to lose the protective flaps over the headphone socket and make the phone entirely waterproof so users don’t have to worry about dealing with a flap every time you want to use headphones.


Display on the Xperia Z was very nice but the Z1’s is even nicer! Included in the display is Sony’s Trilumnos display technology from Bravia along with its X-Reality Engine technology. The Xperia Z1 guarantees a wider range of colours to help make them look sharper and skin tones more natural. 1080p resolution is also present, however, this was also experienced in the Z so that has not changed.


This phone really does pack a punch! Inside the Z1 you will find: the new 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage which can be expanded via microSD. To power it all is a 3000mAH battery which will be enough to keep you going all day. The Xperia Z1 will be loaded with Android 4.2.2 and a few tweaks from Sony which will provided a great user experience. A variety of features will be included, such as battery management options. Sony has said that the Z1 will get Android 4.3 as soon as possible, however,date hasn’t been confirmed.


Sony Xperia Z1 - Time Shift Burst

Sony Xperia Z1 – Time Shift Burst

There is massive competition in the smartphone camera category but I’m sure the Z1 will command the market with it’s 20.7 megapixel camera. Sony have even included a G lens and Bionz processor to make sure they keep their competition at bay. Sony has boasted that they took a sensor found on the Sony HX50 compact camera and put it into the Z1. Some fun features have been included in the camera such as Social Live, Info eye, AR Effect and Time Shift Burst.

Time shift Burst can take 61 shots at the press of the button. AR Effect lets you add silly extras to your pictures. Social Live allows you to live stream to Facebook for up to 10 minutes and have your friends comment in it at the same time!

Initial Score

Sony Xperia Z1 - Black, White, Purple

Sony Xperia Z1 – Black, White, Purple

I rate this phone 9/10 for it’s brilliant camera,sleek design, waterproof capability and big battery. I believe that it will become one of the most popular Android handsets!

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