Interview with Thierry Abi Khalil, from LG.

LG’s service and customer care manager for Lebanon, Thierry Abi Khalil, talks to TeckComesFirst about working at LG, what makes the recently announced G Pad 8.3 and G2 really stand out and more.





1)   Can you introduce yourself and say what you exactly do at LG day to day?

My name is Thierry Abi Khalil. I am the service and customer care manager at LG Lebanon. I manage all the mobile service in Lebanon ensuring the best service and customer satisfaction. In addition to that, I am responsible for the Research and Development (R & D) mobile testing in Lebanon.

2)   What was your first day at LG like?

The first day at a new job can be nerve-racking. It’s like the first day of school. You’re always wondering if you will be able to find your way around, anxious about meeting new people, and hoping people will like you and that you’ll fit in. LG was the beginning of a fruitful career. I had the chance to meet with new co-workers. At the end of the day I found myself being part of a new family.

3)   In all the time you’ve been at LG, what is/are your biggest accomplishment/s?

When I first started, LG had a plan to start its own Mobile service in Lebanon; therefore, I had the chance to plan, build, and implement this project. So my biggest accomplishment would be planning such a project for a top notch company; whereas, the most challenging is to keep the Service Centre running smoothly and to insure full customer satisfaction.

4)   In the past, the user interface on LG handsets (including Android) haven’t been the best, have you guys been working on a more simplified and unified experience?

All Apps/UIs/OS/Games start, as I call it from Level 1, and then start improving and updating. You cannot satisfy all users. That is why updates keep rolling out. Let us look at Nokia for example with their Symbian OS; if you take a look at the first version of Symbian and the latest one, you can find a huge difference and this applies for all OS/UIs/Apps and games. For LG, it is not different. Updates are always on the way and LG is working very hard to give its customers the best experience. According to me, LG’s UI is one of the best and simplest between all competitors.

5)   In your opinion, why should consumers buy a Nexus 4 compared to the rival offerings?

I call the Nexus 4 a pure breed. Let us start with the OS, as I mentioned it is a pure breed. So there is no additional UI which makes the phone consume less RAM power. In addition, the phone does not lag, freeze, or stop functioning. Let us not forget that Nexus customers have the pleasure of getting the first OS updates. Another bonus is the price tag, as you can get this beast for a very reasonable price. On the hardware (HW) side, the phone is packed with a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 8 MPx camera, and a 4.7” IPS 318 ppi display. I only mentioned the main HW features. I always stress on the RAM of the phone because this is the power of the phone besides the CPU.

6)   What’s your personal view on rival manufacturers releasing multiple devices including flagships throughout the year and has LG not followed suit for a particular reason?

All manufacturers release multiple devices from low end tiers to high end throughout the year including LG.  Last year, for example, LG released the L series which include the L3, L5, L7, and L9. For the high end phones LG released at that time the VU and the Optimus 4X. This year LG has also released new L-series L3II, L5II, L7II, L9II and for high end phones you have the Optimus G, Optimus G Pro, and G2. In conclusion, LG is following the right step in the mobile industry because if you only release High end phones, eventually you will fall.

7)   Since you guys make other products besides phones, is there any plan to have the devices communicate with each other, for example a phone linking to a washing machine?

LG always has new technologies and some tricks of its own. For the phone being linked with the washing machine, you can link it and diagnose your LG washing machine. Let us not forget linking your phone to LG TVs, especially ones with mira cast option. This is a special option from LG where you can mirror your phone on to the TV; in addition, you can choose what others can see on the TV while you can open other apps on the phone.

8)   What is LG’s main design principle? As in how can you easily differentiate an LG device from the other offerings at a glance?

Nowadays all touch bar phones almost have the same design. Some add a curve or an L shape extra. For the L-series, you can notice that all of the phones have the L shape design. To be able to differentiate between phones, you have to hold it and feel it. Once you feel the better quality and smoothness of the phone, you will know it’s an LG and not some plastic toy.

9)   Where do you see LG in terms of smartphones market share in about 5/10 years?

The smart phone market has been growing and booming very fast in the past few years. And we all know that this is the future. LG is working very hard in the mobile industry. With LG’s new technologies, new designs, and new features LG will surely grow and have more market share.

10)   With the recently announced G2 Smartphone by LG, you guys moved the controls to the back. What was the inspiration behind this bold change and do you feel it will be a learning curve for new users or will it be an intuitive change?

The G2 learns from you. LG has studied how the user holds the phone and where the fingers are placed while you are in a call or just holding the phone. Moving the buttons to the back is an innovative design allowing the user to have more comfort and at the same time allowing LG to make the phone slimmer, slick, and be able to keep the phone´s size the same with more screen size. I have been using the G2 for a while now, and i I love how it fits perfectly in my hands. Operating the phone with one hand is very easy. In addition with the built in features you don’t even need the back buttons. At first the user is going to feel a bit strange once he holds the phone.  After a short while the user will adapt to the phone’s unique design.

11)  With the G Pad 8.3, LG aimed to build a tablet right for everyone. Do you think it’s possible to make a tablet to complement all users? Wouldn’t it depend on their needs?

No company can make a product that is right for everyone. Each user has his own opinions and needs in a device whether it is a phone or a pad.

12)   LG has shown leading industrial design and great innovation with the G Pad 8.3 packing high end specs into a light weight form factor coming in at only 8.3 mm thick. Could you share some insight how the research and development of this product went from initial concept to final product?

LG always aims to satisfy its customers with its designs and specs. Making a Pad this thin and light weight is challenging especially with high end specs. With researches working around the clock LG is able to give its customers what they need from great design, to high end specs, and heavy duty products.

13)   Anything you can tease about that upcoming Nexus 5?

For the Nexus 5 soon everybody will know about it, so you have to be a bit patient and wait 🙂

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Questions were chosen by both co-founders of TeckComesFirst; Purav and Usman.

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