iPhone 5S and 5c release: What’s happening to old iPhone models?

September 20th saw the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C – two exciting new Apple gadgets which queues of people couldn’t wait to get their hands on. But as with any new device from the global giant, their latest tech comes some fairly large price tags.




Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by Sami Colenutt, a tech enthusiast and mobile phone geek from the South Coast.

How to get your money’s worth

Apple iPhone 5s (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

Apple iPhone 5s (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

For consumers looking to choose how much to sell an old device for, sites like eBay and Gumtree work well. They allow users to set their own target and create bidding wars to bump prices up. But there’s no guaranteed sale and users need to be wary of getting stung through listing fees and other charges on eBay.

Mobile phone recycling comparison sites like CompareMyMobile.com allow you to compare prices offered and consumer reviews of various UK recyclers. Usually recyclers have a price guarantee which ensures they will hold your price for 14 days, so you have time to decide which price is best. With some devices you could find that prices aren’t quite as high, but it is a guaranteed sale.

What’s happening to the re-sale price of gadgets?

However CompareMyMobile say that, however you decide to sell your gadget, consumers need to start tracking prices soon. Site data shows that re-sale prices of some iPhone models have plummeted drastically.

Apple iPhone 5c (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

Apple iPhone 5c (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

For example the iPhone 5 re-sale value dropped by £33.10, the iPhone 4S dropped by £22.25 and the iPhone 3G dropped by £11 following the opening weekend of Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C. This reflects price drop data from the release of the iPhone 5, when iPhone model values plummeted by 30 percent within one month.

Why have the prices been affected in this way?

With the release of any new Apple device CompareMyMobile experts say they see a huge rise in valuations of iPhone models. Due to this rise, recyclers drop the value to ensure they have control over the number sent into them.

This most recent opening weekend created a 120.25 percent rise in iPhone valuations, which in turn would have caused the prices of some models to drop.

However, site experts say some prices have remained fairly stable, as valuations have not risen as much as in previous years – the iPhone 5 created a 367.57 percent rise in valuations within the same timeframe.

What does this say about Apple?

The fact that iPhone valuations are not as high as previously years suggests that some loyal Apple fans are not upgrading to new devices, which could arguably be for a number of reasons.

Apple iPhone Models Trade-Ins (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

Apple iPhone Models Trade-Ins (Image Credit: CompareMyMobile)

Consumers could still be in a 24 month contract with their previous model, or be waiting for another device – but it could also be a reflection of disappointment with the new phones. Many critics have argued that the fingerprint sensor on the 5S does not set it apart enough from previous models, and the 5C is fairly expensive.

Clearly people are still buying the new models though, with Apple claiming to sell a total of nine million units within three days of the release. But site statistics show that Apple’s loyal fans could be being replaced by a different audience.
BlackBerry trade-ins increased hugely, immediately after the new releases, bumping its trade-in market share up to 20.3 percent from 10.27 percent. The site says that this could show users switching to a new device and more popular brand as the struggling BlackBerry finally falls.

Data like this is hugely unusual for the site and hints at a changing mobile phone world. Apple will obviously continue to be a key player for now, but they could have to do more to keep users loyal.

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