Review: Xbox One 2 Months on.

I remember the day well, December 23rd, getting the call that an item I desperately wanted was now available for me. My Xbox One was waiting for me to get my hands on. I was glad I had it, and my word did it shock me.


I picked up the console, knowing the problems Microsoft had faced, but that kept me unfazed in every way, it was a smart idea for me to follow on with my Xbox Live subscription and go for Xbox One rather than paying for a Playstation Plus subscription. A little part of me was hoping Microsoft did something right with the console, and my did it show. From when I opened it, I was amazed at how sleek the console looked, although heavy and on the “Betamax player” side of good looking, it was still a step up from my lowly Xbox 360, which hasn’t seen much action since. I never used the first iteration of Kinect, but Kinect 2.0 did everything I wanted to and more, one problem I found was that it also picked up my other halves’ commands while I was signed in, much to her delight.

The graphics are an obvious step up from the previous generation’s offerings, but not by much. I understood from the start that the power inside the console isn’t as good as the rival PS4, but for the price, I expected something special, which it does deliver on, at a cost. The overall entertainment section of the console is really well designed, and the Metro look of the dashboard really is pretty. Although the store is a bit bare, and given time, should look really filled out, it felt like walking into a local retail store just after opening, while all clean and fresh, you just knew that they didn’t have much to play with.

After unboxing the console and going through the initial setups, I went straight into Fifa 14, the game I received with the console, and I was blew away at what EA Sports did with their Ignite engine, compared to the previous gen version of the same game. It felt more fluid and realistic; it was like watching a football game on TV. While I was playing this I was also downloading the free Killer Instinct, which felt way too limited to me with only one character unlocked, but the idea of micro transactions to buy other characters was nothing but a good idea.

As time passed, I purchased Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, both stellar titles on previous gen, and they held up well on the console, with BF4 being my preferred choice of Call of Duty. I also purchased LEGO Marvel Superheroes, which kept me entertained for a while, but I remembered the grind of the Lego brand of games and put it down after a while. This is when I moved on to one of the big hitters of the console, Forza Motorsport 5.

I purchased Forza 5 knowing that it was one of the few games that drew me to the console, and I was right in thinking that. The look of the game is an obvious improvement to Forza 4 and Horizon on Xbox 360, and the cars feel much more lifelike to drive. The haptic feedback through each trigger feels like the responses a car would give if forced to do what I was making it do. The game handled very well overall.

As of writing this, the only other feature I have tried is the built in Skype interface, in which I have been told that calls are nigh on crystal clear using the Kinect sensor, something I am surprised about considering it hates background noise.

Overall, even though the console has problems, I feel it holds its retail value somewhat. I would have liked it to be a bit cheaper, but I cannot complain for what it offers me in return. It does feel weak, but a bit more tweaking should iron out those problems sooner rather than later. I love the console, and I am glad I chose this over a PS4.

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Matt Horton

A 22 year old guy with a huge passion for video games and technology surrounding it. Currently own an Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Also a father and complete idiot in his spare time. Joined TeckComesFirst in January 2014.
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  • PDTechHD

    Brilliant first post Matt, it read very well like a story and each paragraph made me want to read on to find out more about your experience with the Xbox One, sounds like it’s been a great purchase overall for you. Welcome to the TeckComesFirst team, hope to see more articles from you! 🙂

    • Matt Horton

      Many thanks, I enjoyed writing it, and I am certainly enjoying the spotlight at the moment. I felt like making a story was the best option in terms of this review, and I am certainly looking at doing periodical update reviews of my time with the console. Don’t worry, there is much more to come from me! 🙂

  • TeckComesFirst

    Awesome article Matt, you’ve done a very good job of it.The details made me keep reading until the end. My brother has an Xbox One, its a very good console and I especially love Forza 5 on it. Very smooth and just awesome graphics. Keep up the awesome articles mate, look forward to reading more posts from you 🙂