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This earphone is not for the nerds. There, I said it. The MEElectronics M6 is not designed for the nerds, specifically not for the audiophiles. It even warns you in the name, the M stands for Mainstream (hipsters beware). When MEElectronics first came onto the scene with the M9 and M6 in 2009, many were shocked by the value that these $20 earphones contained. Some even said that these earphones contained quality that surpassed $40-$50 earphones of the time. These earphones alone propelled MEElectronics from a slightly okay case manufacturer to an audio manufacturers considered by many to have some of the best bang for buck in the business.  Fast forward to 2014 and now the bang for buck $20 earphone market has exploded. While the M6 has had multiple iterations since its launch, is it still a viable earphone for those looking for a great bang for the buck mainstream earphone?

Yet again, MEElectronics decided to add every single accessory they could find. After struggling to open the tank of a box, you are greeted with Small, Medium, Large ear buds as well as dual flange, triple flange and a case. The actual earphones feel incredibly high quality for the price. They are made out of the plastic, but the good kind of plastic.  The M6 requires you to wear it with the cables looped around your ear. This allows for a better seal and for a better fit. MEElectronics made sure that once you have a good fit, these earphones will never fall out of your ear even in the most strenuous of situations.  The isolation is pretty good but not exactly mind blowing. The M6 are not the earphones you would want to be using on a flight.


Compared to the M9 , the M6 could be described as “less premium” because it doesn’t have metal casing but considering this makes the M6 a whole lot easier to put into your ears , I would say it’s an improvement as not having metal allows for most users to get a better fit and better sound quality. This is really what sets the M6 apart from the competition. These earphones really are geared towards people who go to the gym or do other activities of the sort and want to have music along the way. MEElectronics seems to be the only earphone manufacturer that got the design of a sports earphone perfectly. No cheap plastic loops or in your face type look, the M6 is clean, simple and fits perfectly. Some bands even use the clear M6 as stage monitors because of its design.

In terms of sound the M6 is far from perfection but still has a very fun sound. It is obviously bass heavy as the name suggests but it’s the right type of bass heavy. The bass hits hard enough but is still very punchy. The M6 manages to have fun bass that knows its boundaries; it does not bleed into the midrange which is unfortunately a very popular thing to do in the world of $20 sports earphones. Compared to its little brother, the MEElectronics M9, the bass is slightly punchier on the M6 while the M9 is a bit more bass heavy and sometimes can bleed into the midrange. These earphones shine with any type of bass heavy rap or dubstep which most gym goers stereotypically listen to.

When I went into listening to these earphones, I already knew that the M6 use the same drivers as the M9 and assumed that the midrange would be the same. Fortunately for the M6, the midrange is not as recessed as the M9.  The midrange is by no means anything extraordinary or revolutionary but it is good that they decided to make the midrange better. Vocals on similar “Gym earphones” are recessed to the point of near Beats by Dre Solo levels so the M6 absolutely dominates most other sports earphones in this price range. The M6 are not perfect, there is still bass bleed into the midrange but it is not nearly as prevalent in the M6 as others.

To top out the fun filled, V shaped sound; the treble of the M6 is treble heavy but still sits beside the bass. These are not an extremely bright earphone but it still has a decent sized treble bump.  High hats and electric guitars sound great and lively. There is a price to this fun treble; there is some harshness and sibilance in the highs. This can be easily noticed when you have the volume all the way up but then again no one wants to listen to music at ear-shattering noise levels.

Soundstage is above average for the price, better then left or right but still no triple fi 10, concert soundstage. It is slightly above average for the price range in terms of width of the soundstage but these are not exactly the most. Instruments were separate from each other and I could easily distinguish most of the instruments from each other. Unfortunately, details were relatively average for the price. The drivers really are tuned for fun and not analyzing.


Yes these are not the perfectly flat earphones that audiophiles so willingly desire. Yes, these are not the best earphones in their price range. Yes, there are even better sounding earphones for the price, even fun sounding earphones. But what all these other earphones lack is the same purpose as the M6, the purpose of being a gym earphone for the average Joe. While their certainly has been a multitude of earphones with this purpose, none have been as successful as the M6 in being an all-rounder. It has a nice fun sound that’s sure to amaze any non-audiophile you give them to and it actually stays in your ear during strenuous activities.  Even though it doesn’t have the most amazing sound for the price , the great design and fit make up for it. These earphones are not for the nerds or the audiophiles , they are for the average Joe who would most likely appreciate a gym earphone that actually sounds good and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Usage time prior to review: Approximately 1-2 months and 40 hours of burn in before review period

Burn in changes: Bass gets tighter; Treble has less sibilance and harshness.


  • Near impossible to get off once put in correctly
  • Bass is punchy and plentiful
  • Midrange is not as recessed as other earphones
  • Treble is boosted
  • Instrument separation is above average
  • Build quality and design are amazing on this earphone


  • Midrange is still recessed
  • Treble boost brings sibilance and harshness before burn in
  • Fitting these earphones may be awkward to some people , there is a learning curve

Music that fits this earphone: Any Bass-heavy type music (Rap, Dubstep)

Music that does not fit this earphone: Any music that requires analytical sound or a good midrange (Jazz , Classical)

M6 review score


The MEElectronics M6 get an 8.5/10. While they are amazing for anyone who wants to get gym earphones there still are better sounding ‘bassy’ earphones for the same price. 



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