One Plus One Smash Contest – The Catch In Life

This article will explain why the One Plus One, despite being a great smartphone comes with quite a few catches. You’ve heard the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” right?




A few days ago, One Plus finally announced their One Plus One handset deemed the “flagship killer”. While on paper the device does look impressive, the catches that come with getting one, if you’re able to get one that is, aren’t what should be expected with a new smartphone launch. The One Plus One comes packing a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz backed up by the Adreno 330 GPU, coupled with 3 GB of RAM, a 13 MP rear facing camera with Sony Exmor RS sensor and a 3,100 mAH battery. The device comes running a custom version of CyanogenMod, dubbed CM 11s which is a based off Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

One Plus One Smartphone (Image Credit: One Plus)

One Plus One Smartphone (Image Credit: One Plus)

So yes in terms of it’s tagline “flagship killer”, it did indeed somewhat settle that claim by the specs alone but the whole blogosphere was abuzz wtih excitement upon learning the price of the phone. The phone heavily undercuts current flagships like the HTC One M8, Samsung GALAXY S5 and iPhone 5S which all have premium price tags and even manages to undercut Google’s own Nexus 5 handset, a device which has been a great value smartphone for many users. Brace yourselves.. The One Plus One 16 GB is available for £229 while the beefier 64 GB model is just fourty pounds more at £269.

Starting to sound a bit too good to be true? How are they able to offer a device which such premium features at this mind boggling price? Surely some corners must have been cut? While I haven’t seen one personally and the people that have said the experience was good and the device felt good in the hands, it’s important to mention that it was a preproduction unit and it will be interesting to see how it fares as a daily phone for many people. Maybe it gets too hot, maybe the battery doesn’t last that long or maybe even, the phone can’t ironically perform phone calls. This is all speculation and I’m not meaning to downplay the phone, just being realistic because you start questioning where is the catch?

I mentioned above “if you’re able to get one”, now the way One Plus has done it is that they’ve made the smartphone available through an invite only system. I for one, have no idea how to get such an invite but many people are assuming they could be given out through social media or One Plus’s own forums. If you do know how to get an invite, drop it down below! So you’re essentially sent on a “goose chase” in hopes of finding this elusive phone, but wait it gets better.

One Plus Smash (Image Credit: One Plus)

One Plus Smash (Image Credit: One Plus)

They also mentioned that users would be able to get the new One Plus One phone for only One Dollar ($1) if they smashed their current phone and many people were excited by this prospect. Not only would they get the new phone but they’d provide an entertaining video in the form of saying goodbye to their loyal companion by means of heavy artillery or just old fashioned hammering. Earlier today, One Plus updated its smash landing page with a form in which users can apply to take part in this contest. Now the contest is limited by age, so you have to be over 18. Fair enough condition I guess. Next condition is the phone must be one of the ones listed on the site, most of these phones are current or yesteryear flagships but they still are somewhat expensive. One Plus does give you a nice message warning you not to smash your phone unless you’re notified by email that you have been selected on May 3rd. There are 100 people that will win this opportunity.

When I saw that Samsung GALAXY S3 was listed, I applied, thinking even if I don’t win at least I tried and if I do then at least I’m guaranteed a far superior phone. Then I saw some tweets from James Norton from Modaco who mentioned that the terms and conditions of the contest state that One Plus reserves the right whether to deem a video acceptable or not after the users have been chosen. Have a read of his take on the matter by clicking here.

Wait What?

So now that means if I or, anyone else for that matter does get an email to say that we’ve been selected on May 3rd and we smash our phones, film it with the hopes of attaining the mythical One Plus One smartphone, we could very well have our dreams crushed if One Plus decides our video wasn’t suitable. Not only would our dreams would be crushed, but our phones would be crushed as well. For some of us, this could be our only phone so this contest is very dangerous and I’d like to thank James for mentioning this and I think this knowledge should be shared so people are aware.

One Plus One Invite System (Image Credit: Talk Android)

One Plus One Invite System (Image Credit: Talk Android)

On the surface the contest does seem appealing but knowing about this clause in the terms and conditions, even if I am selected on May 3rd, I don’t think I’d be willing to go ahead in actually smashing my phone. What a waste of components. Having said all this, I’m eager to actually try out the phone in person and hopefully bring you some coverage on it. I just wish One Plus didn’t do this sort of contest, it’s dishonest and I think people that enter might just lose what’s really valuable to them. It’s your own call if you decide not to heed the warning and enter at your own risk.

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Written by Purav, PDTechHD (My personal account is PDTalkinTech)

So what do you guys think of this contest by One Plus One, will you be smashing your phone for a chance to get this new smartphone? What do you think of the phone? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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