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Apple’s Airport Express is a mystery device to some, and little more than an alluring Apple device to others. “What does it do?”; “Why is it better than my existing router?”; “Is it too much hassle to set up?”; “I think I’ll just stick to what I have”. All common questions or phrases consumers ask or say when finding out about it. In this article I’ll look at five features about the Airport Express that are useful, and great to make people aware of, especially if someone is considering a network solution.

First, what is it?

Let me start by saying what it isn’t, it’s not a modem router. This means that you will need to keep an existing modem or router that your internet service provider sends you, be it Virgin Media or BT etc. The Airport Express is a Wi-Fi base station, it’s designed to complement your current modem router and enhance the whole networking experience. It’s very easy to setup and offers streaming and even printing capabilities which are detailed further on.

Apple Aiport Express (Image Credit: TechNow)

Apple Aiport Express (Image Credit: TechNow)

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