Nintendo is doomed: Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3


Arriving on the heels of the latest Mario Kart rehash that preformed incredibly poorly , Nintendo failed to connect in even the slightest way with its audience. We instead got Mario 5.0 HD and Satoru Iwata said “Please understand” and announced a new system coming in 2015 to replace the Wii U. Nintendo also announced that they would be cutting half of all of their new games and putting it as DLC in order to keep up with the trends of the industry. Sony announced a plethora of new games all which are interesting and completely different. Microsoft’s conference was really good as well.

Somehow , the E3 that was supposed to turn Nintendo’s Wii U around instead caused them to fail. Today , Satoru Iwata announced that he would be retiring after the E3 backlash and Nintendo would become 3rd party.  Iwata announced a focus on Mario games and announced exclusivity for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Steve Ballmer was confirmed to be the new CEO of Nintendo at this exclusive press conference.


Please understand, Nintendo knows that it’s in bad shape and that everyone thinks “Nintendo is doomed”.  Nintendo is about as doomed as Hungrybox is whenever he gets that “A**Kicking” from Reggie that is they aren’t. Nintendo’s E3 , or as we in the biz like to call it Nintendomination , showcases how in touch Nintendo actually is with the gamer. That is why they are receiving the accolades from the gaming press. They understand their fans and they understand the gamer. They know that we want Metroid , Starfox , and new IP’s and they confirmed all of that. Compared to the somewhat awkward press conferences, I’m looking at you Ubisoft, Nintendo actually seems like they know what they are doing.

The majority of games this year were showcased with CGI reveals in a press conference. Nintendo still had CGI reveals but also had the Treehouse streaming games for the entirety of E3. Granted , no one but the extreme Nintendo fan would actually watch 3 days’ worth of streams however it was still useful in conveying information. Nintendo also had exclusive reveals for the gaming journalists to make sure they were satisfied. Games are games and gamers want to see actual demos and not just some random cgi.


The Digital Event was also a step in the right direction. The event stands in stark contrast to the slightly mediocre Direct for E3 last year. The Digital Event played more like a movie then a press conference and in a good way. There were so many references that only Nintendo fans would get as well as some legitimately hilarious moments. (Reggie lights a journalist on fire for asking for Starfox or Reggie’s fight with Iwata) Compared to the relatively dry press conferences of Sony and Microsoft, the Digital Event is a welcome change to current E3 presentations.


Ultimately, I hope that Nintendo will inspire other companies to follow their lead. It is the general consensus of the internet that the big N won E3. E3 can’t just be about the companies anymore. In order for companies to have the success that Nintendo’s E3 had, they need to make it about the fans. Until then, I will be playing my Wii U as will many others.


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