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Samsung took centre stage at Madison Square garden yesterday to unveil their latest tablet, the GALAXY Tab S which comes in 8.4 and 10.5 inch size variants. These are Samsung’s lightest and thinnest tablets to date coming in at 294 grams for the 8.4 inch, 465 grams for the 10.5 inch and both are only…

Samsung GALAXY Tab S (Image Credit: TechView)

Samsung GALAXY Tab S (Image Credit: TechView)

The event was dubbed “Tab Into Colour” and Samsung placed great emphasis on the tablet’s display. First up, resolution. Both variants come with a 2560 x 1600 WXGA display, giving a ppi of 359 for the 8.4 inch model while it’s 10.5 inch bigger brother has a ppi of 288, both very sharp displays.

One point echoed heavily across the event was the technology behind the display, being Super AMOLED. A first on a Samsung tablet since the original GALAXY Tab 7.7 from a few years ago. Super AMOLED will give deep blacks and Samsung states it’s the closest to real life and true colour on any tablet; however some people aren’t too keen on the oversaturation this type of display brings.

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