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Nowadays there are lots and lots of iOS jailbreak tweaks to customize your lock-screen, yet most of them are not very easy to use or are not so well designed. The tweak I will be reviewing today is called TodayLock, a newly released jailbreak tweak that, yes, allows to customize your lock-screen, but it’s not like the other ones out there!


What I personally want from my lock-screen is it to be clear, yes I want some information on it but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to look clear and clean anymore. With TodayLock you won’t have the feeling that your lock-screen is filled with al sorts of extras that you don’t need, not at all actually. When developing TodayLock they wanted to bring 3 things to your lock-screen; weather, a greeting and your scheduled events/reminders. Having these 3 things in mind, they started to work around it and eventually ended up with a clean and clear  lock-screen that displays the 3 things they wanted it to. Knowing that I’m a huge simplicity fan, makes me just love this tweak! But now let’s have a closer look at the 3 things that are being displayed, in a clean and clear way, on you lock-screen.


WeatherTodayLock Weather

Starting of with weather (icon), which is also the first appearance switch in the settings menu of the app. Like the name says, this part displays the weather icon you get on your lock-screen. The icon changes with the weather, which I think brings a nice touch to the lay-out of your lock-screen. Although this is not really a feature in my eyes, it does is nice that you can choose to either enable or disable it, and you have to admit that it gives a very nice touch to your lock-screen’s layout.



This is the main feature that really makes this tweak what it is. The greeting view is the part of the tweak that shows you the o so lovely welcome sentence, and what the weather is like! Although it just displays a small sentence like ‘Good morning!’ or ‘Good evening!’ it really gives you a warm and welcome feeling, at least that’s how I’m thinking about it. Apart from the welcome sentence it also displays the current weather situation, it’s not completely the same like the weather information in your notification-center but it comes close to it. Of course the “weather sentence” it displays, fits the weather icon that the app also is capable of showing.



Last but not least is the event view section of this tweak. This part, that also can be either enabled or disabled, displays your upcoming reminders/calendar appointments. When displaying your appointment it will not just show you what appointment you have, it will also show you when it starts. This will completely stop you from opening your calendar app to see what and when your next appointment is.
Then we also have the reminders section, and for some reason I was not able to let this section work. I planned multiple reminders with no luck, unfortunately. Why is it not working? I don’t know, but I do am sure that they will fix this issue very soon with a simple update. Until then you will have to take a look in your notification-center or in the reminders app to see your upcoming reminders.



Of course when downloading a new tweak for your device, the main reason you do so is because you want to customize your device. With TodayLock you will not only be able to change your lock-screen with the possibility of adding some additional information, you will also be able to customize the way that information will be displayed. In the TodayLock settings section you have multiple ways to customize the way the tweak is displayed, fortunately it is very clear what you are changing and how to do so.
The first customization option you will see is text style, you can choose between light and black. I do have to say that with my own experience black was a bit unclear and the weather icon the tweak displays was not changed to black but stayed white. Under the text style option you also have to option to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.



Then we have our background section where we, obviously, can make changes to the background and how it is displayed. We first can choose to blur the background or not, then we can choose between a whole list of blurs going from the well know blur to an ultra light blur. I personally like the “normall” blur the most, but I have to mention that with certain blurs you will be forced to change the text style/color because otherwise the text isn’t very readable. We also have the option to choose to “hide blur after notification”, this will prevent the default iOS 7 blur, that will appear when you get a notification, from appearing.







Last but not least is the appearance section. This section actually brings us back to our 3 main features; Weather, Greeting and Events. In the Appearance section you can choose to show each particular item or not to. In this way you can sort of create your own layout, not that you really can re-order what comes first but the ability to only show the parts you need is very nice and handy.


The bad

Unfortunately this tweak, like most tweaks out there, also has a “dark side” to it. Bugs. And don’t get me wrong, the tweak itself is very nice but, there are some minor detailes that aren’t completely worked out yet. For example our reminders section, we cannot see any reminders. Ok maybe this issue is not so minor, but still. Another thing is that when you are playing music, TodayLock keeps its info at the top leading to a somewhat ugly and unclear look. Although that when you are on your lock-screen and you are playing music, you do can tap on the TodayLock content to make it disappear. But when you try to use your music controls, by tapping on them, you will see the content will re-appear making it almost unposible to switch song from your lock-screen. The only reason why I don’t really make a big “drama” out of this is because the tweak itself really is very nice and handy to use. I’m sure that with a coming update all of the above will be fixed so that we can enjoy this tweak 100% while we are only enjoying 85% of it right now.



Knowing all of the above and also knowing that this tweak is available on cydia for $1,99, is it worth it? Well, I personally really enjoy using this tweak because you have all 3 things you need the most, or at least I need most, on your lock-screen. Howsoever this tweak isn’t bugles, not that that is a major problem although I think it’s quite a shame that your reminders are not being displayed. But I’m sure they will fix this issue together with some other issues in an upcoming update. I also hope to see some extra options added in a future option, like an option to completely re-oder how your weather, greeting and events are being displayed. So if you have no problems with the bug(s), where I’m sure of  that will be resolved very soon, I think this tweak might be a nice additional customization of your iDevice!

So if you want to give this tweak “a shot” be sure to go check it out on cydia for only $1.99!
Also thanks to the designers @Ruben_D3SIGN and @Stijn_D3SIGN and the developer who brought the project to life: @smartvipere75, for making this article possible!



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