Project Cars Dev Shafts the Wii U: Delayed until 2015

It seems some things are too good to be true. Slightly Mad Studios , the developers of the crowd funded Project Cars , has always touted the power of the Wii U. Slightly Mad Studios was one of the only 3rd parties that defended Nintendo. As a result , the Wii U version of Project Cars became the most anticipated version. This version was going to have special features and be optimized for it.

The Wii U version has been in development for a while as it was an original platform of Project Cars , the PS4 and Xbox One later replaced the PS3 and Xbox360. Even with the differences between X86 and the power pc architectures that the Wii U uses , the Wii U should have been a front runner for Project Cars at its launch. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco , the publisher of Project Cars , may have decided to delay the Wii U version until ‘2015’. Of course , this news was tweeted out by Bandai Namco in a ridiculous fashion. Apparently , a delay for the Wii U version is something to get excited about.


A similar situation occurred with Watch Dogs, which is releasing on Wii U in “2015”. This ignoring of the Nintendo audience will cause a tremendous decrease in sales for Project Cars in the future. While the PS4 line up already includes other racing games, there are no realistic racing games on the Wii U. Project Cars could have been to the Wii U what Gran Tourismo and Forza are to the PS4 and Xbox One respectively.  The absence of competition in the lineup would help the sales of this game tremendously. Add the support of the Nintendo community, which cares about devs that support them (see all the indie games on the Wii U) , and it could have sold around 100,000 by the end of holiday season.


By choosing to relegate the Wii U version to ‘2015’ , you destroy the hype and the trust that consumers have for the game. Look at Watch Dogs , no one is going to buy that game on the Wii U because it is releasing incredibly late for $60 and the hype is gone. Unlike PlayStation or Xbox , good games on Nintendo systems are slow sellers but continue to sell and be played. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (though not that good) has a dedicated cult of Wii U owners that sometimes surpasses KillZone Shadow Fall on the PS4 in number.

I would understand if Project Cars had been delayed by Slightly Mad Studios to January of 2015 because of a couple Wii U exclusive game mods or Wii U exclusive cars however this is most likely not the case. The Wii U version is most likely going to be delayed , gimped and cost $60 while the other consoles versions cost $30.

This game , unlike Watch Dogs could have been a flagship 3rd party title for the Wii U. Slightly Mad Studios has essentially hyped up a game with no substance. The worst part is , I believed them. At this point I am going back on my decision to preorder , buy , and support Project Cars from here on out on the Wii U. I will just wait for 2 years and get it on Steam Sale for $10 , I suggest you do the same.

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