Kujali Classic iPad mini case review

With every case review I’ve done so far, I only have to mind the quality of the case and the price you have to pay for it. But for the review I bring you today, I will not only talk about my experiences with the case. I will go a step further! Because when buying a Kujali case you not only reward yourself with an awesome new premium case. No! You also reward children in Africa with a mosquito or a life saving treatment. This all with just buying an awesome new case for your iPad mini…

The Design 

Before I will go deeper into the story of the Kujali company, I think we first need to get a look at the case, since this is the main reason I’m writing this article. And because I like to follow my ‘traditions’ when writing a review, let’s start this article with the design of the case.
Over at Kujali they designed the case to be 3 thing; productive, stylish and protective. And I have to say they succeeded in all three things.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case

In the case of productivity, you can put the iPad mini in 2 different standing up positions, or of course choose to lay it flat down. Also build in to the case is the auto slee/wake function that we also can find in Apple’s smart cover/case, making it easy to wake your device just by lifting up the front cover. You will also have a hand strap, allowing you to hold your iPad mini in one hand without having the risk of dropping it.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case

Next up is style. Instead of choosing for a cheeper fake leather with a poor eye for detail, they choose to use high quality material with a stunning detailed finish. The case is available 1 color option, red and black. I know it can be unfortunate for some users that don’t like black and red, but I had no problems with it howsoever. Probably because this is my favorite color combination. But enough about my favorite color combination, the thing that really makes the black and red combination so nice is the material that is used for the inside, red, of the case. On the inside of the case you can find the high quality, soft and good looking suede leather. Using this material as inside finish doesn’t only give you an awesome look and soft feeling while holding it, it will also avoid scratches on your screen. A win win situation if  you ask me! All of this is ‘melted’ together into one solid case.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case

Of course you don’t only want your case to be stylish and help you be productive, you also want it to actually protect your iPad mini. Now you’re probably thinking: “this will be the part where the Kujali case does worst”, and I have to disappoint you. You’re wrong! The Kujali Classic case also will protect your iPad mini, very well actually. I do have to admit, I did not do any drop test for the simple reason that I don’t want to break my iPad mini when something do would go wrong.  The reason why I’m so sure about the fact that this is a very protective case is because it does not only have a hard pc shell to put the iPad mini in, it also has a softer shock absorbing silicon skin. It works like this, you first put the iPad mini in the silicon skin, and afterwards in the harder pc shell so your iPad is ‘stuck’ in the case. Since it has a ‘2 layer casing’, you can also take your iPad out of the harder pc shell to only use it with the softer silicon skin.

Kujali Classic iPad mini Silicon case

What I didn’t like

Of course every case needs to have a thing that can be changed. And with the Kujali Classic case for iPad mini it’s just the same. The things I found are minor details that I found irritating, but you might even never notice.
I’m gonna start with the biggest thing that I found an issue when using the Kujali case, and that is with the silicon shell. Since it is removable out of the other part of the case, you also want it to be easy to put it back in the rest of the case. And this is where I found an issue, a very small one indeed but it really got my attention. When you place the iPad mini (in the silicon casing) back in the pc casing, you will see the borders of the pc case won’t completely fit over the silicon case like I expected them to. Yes, after a while of pushing everywhere on the case it fitted perfect in it. But I think it’s a bit of a shame that you need to put so much effort into putting the iPad back in the case when it is made to be removed and put back in on a regular base.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case
The next thing is something that isn’t really an issue that can be fixed, but I do think it is worth mentioning. Since the case can also be used as a stand, and the outer material is leather, you will see a ‘bend’ on the place where the case bends when placing it in stand position. I know this really is a detail that doesn’t even matters since you can’t stop this from happening, but I just wanted to warn you about this little detail I’ve seen while using the case.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case

What I liked

Now back to the positive things of this case, since there are a lot more positive things to say about it then there are negative, fortunately.
To begin with, I love the materials used on the case, yes I mention that I don’t like the fact you can see the ‘bend’ on the backside, but that doesn’t take away I love the use of leather in a case. I also love the suede used inside of the case, combining both of them to reach a premium look and feel.
I also just love the pricing, for only 29,99£ you have this premium case. Knowing that it is made of materials like leather, this price is just a bargain. Not forgetting, the profit goes to investment in mosquito nets and treatments of life saving treatments for children in Africa.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case
Also nice to this case is that you have this ‘strap’ that will keep the front cover attached to the rest of the case, avoiding it from opining at random moments when holding the case upside down.  It’s a small thing but it are the small things combined that make the ‘perfect picture’.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case

I give it a buy

I know that it is pretty obvious that you recommend a product, because before not recommending it to somebody the product really has to be very bad. But for the Kujali Classic iPad mini case I have multiple reasons to recommend it to you. The first and most obvious one is: the case has a very solid build quality, and you can be sure it will last for a very long period of time when you get a lifetime warranty. Also playing a big role in why I recommend it to you is because it is very cheap, for only 29,99£ you can have one! I might even say it is underpriced! Another reason is that with every single purchase of a case you help a child in Africa! I think the last thing already is a reason to buy this case on itself because with Kujali you can be sure the money get’s in the right hands and eventually ends up as a mosquito net or as a lifesaving treatment.
Maybe it would be nice when Kujali would give you the option to customize the case in the colors you want, for example choose between black and white for the outer casing and then also have the ability to choose between multiple colors for the inside suede. Maybe we will see this option added in the near future, because I really believe this would end up in having more sales, and eventually helping more children! But for now, it is a great case for an even greater price!

Kujali Classic iPad mini case


Before I end this article I do want to give a bit more information regarding Kujali, but first of all: Thank you Kujali For making this article possible!
Kujali was founded in November 2013  as result of Marc Day (founder) his journey to Africa and just becoming a father himself, he wanted to help the parents over in Africa by handing out mosquito nets or lifesaving treatments to their children. The reason why the mosquito nets are so important is because of the fact that 90% of the 1 million yearly deaths in sub-Saharan Africa are because of Malaria. This can be solved with a simple mosquito net that lasts for an average period of 3-4 years. I personally really support this idea since in this way you can buy a qualitative product that you need, and also help the children in Africa.

Kujali Classic iPad mini case


If all of the above would’ve made you interested in buying a Kujali Classic iPad mini for yourself or for a friend or family member, feel free to use our Amazon links to pick one up! It will cost you nothing more but you still will support the site!

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