Review: BassBuds Classic

When I received these earphones, I had not long brought a pair of Sennheiser earphones out of my own pocket. The Bassbuds Classic range had a lot riding on them with sound quality, and sadly, I was disappointed by the quality they gave.


The company say that the earphones are dedicated to giving you great sounding music with incredible sounding bass, I did not get this, and while I was using them, I put a load of bass heavy music through them, just to hear major distortion from them into my ear, which was very unpleasant to say the least.

For £39.95 (via you can receive a pair of earphones in a range of colours, I chose black, because that is what I prefer. Also within the earphones are genuine Swarovski elements, which take the shape of rather nice looking diamonds. While I enjoyed this feature, they did nothing for me, and were nothing more than a gimmick that I could show to friends to show off.

Going back to the sound, it was very quiet compared to the cheaper Sennheiser earphones I brought, with baffled me as to how expensive they are compared to the quality they actually give. One of the few good points is that the box it comes in also includes a bag and certificate of authenticity to the Swarovski elements.

Overall, I would recommend against these, there are many more choices on the market, ranging from very high priced and high quality Bose to fairly priced and decent sounding Sennheiser. Bassbuds are acting like a big fish in a small pond, when in fact they are a small fish in a major pond of audio, a small fish that just cannot handle the current.

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