Twitch is the next YouTube

Sub boxes not working, nonexistent partner support and content id content that is under fair use. Google has its own fair share of problems when dealing with YouTube. Google doesn’t address any of these problems because well they are Google and YouTube is YouTube. If you don’t like it , are you gonna upload to Vimeo? Yeah right. Google can do whatever it wants with YouTube because there is no competition in video streaming. YouTube is the only big service. Unless gamers act now , this situation will be mirrored by Google’s latest acquisition ,Twitch TV.

Twitch has announced that it will mute copyrighted music on video recordings similar to YouTube’s content ID service. It searches the video every 30 minutes and if it finds infringing content the entire 30 minutes gets muted. This system will surely work. Especially if 30 minutes of your stream are muted because you wanted to play Darude – Sandstorm at the last minute. The logic behind this system is horrendous. Why should the entire 30 minutes be blocked, why not just infringing content? Google needs such a system to avoid the lawsuits of greedy music companies but why screw it up this bad?

What is even worse is that this content ID counts for in-game music. Many streams have gotten muted by Google simply because of in-game music. This opens a gateway of new opportunities for companies to misuse. Don’t like someone’s comments about your masterpiece of a game. Simply call 1-800-CENSOR, and we here at Google will do it for you.  All a company would need to do is call up Google and ask them to use the content ID service in order to get rid of a bad stain on their games reputation.


Even Twitch’s own streams have not been spared

Don’t even say that this isn’t coming to live streams. We all know that it isn’t a matter of yes or no but when regarding content ID live streams. Sure they might not have the technology now but in a year, especially with Google’s financing and support, they will.

It seems like history is repeating itself once again. This move may be the catalyst for a decline in support similar to YouTubes. But this time , users can actually do something. If you show Twitch that you don’t like their practices either by moving to another streaming site like or complaining to Twitch , there may be some changes. I doubt we are going to see the eradication of the content ID service on Twitch , this is Google after all. If gamers actually try  , maybe this time we will see Twitch change for the better. Maybe we can stop Twitch from becoming the next YouTube.

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