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The iPhone has had a long history of both small puzzle games to huge release and these have been some of the features which attract consumers to Apple devices compared to competitors. The retina display on iOS devices along with the optimised processors makes playing games on the iPhone and iPad a pleasure.

Puzzle and Challenging games seem to be a huge hit on iOS devices. It seems as though the challenge of beating your friends and sharing your high scores on “Game Center” has appealed to the masses and therefore, this market has attracted a large number of developers to start designing these style of games. One category of games that hasn’t seemed to take off is the “Casino and Betting” category. There are hundreds of websites offering these types of games online and with many having TV channels and programs dedicated to this type of gaming, it’s a huge shame that the developers haven’t considered the benefit of mobile gaming.

Whilst a large number of online betting companies have created mobile versions of their websites so that consumers can easily access them off, some others have created dedicated, specialist mobile apps. Others offer instead mobile versions of their games rather than the whole website. This makes it very easy for consumers to play certain games and not have to browse the whole website. Like in the following example, players experience the feeling of entering a real casino in IPhone size .

A slight disadvantage of having web apps compared to dedicated apps on the App Store is that the full potential of the device can’t be utilised and therefore, the processing and graphical power can’t be used to it’s full extent. With full blown games on the app store, many developers have their games specially optimised to make use of the A7 processor that is found in the iPhone and iPad. This is not quite possible with web app’s and a large majority of the potential of the processor is lost.

Overall, once iOS 8 is released, I would love if more web developers created app’s for their games and modified their web apps so that they fully utilised the potential of iOS devices. I feel that a large number of developers are missing out hugely since they aren’t making the most of iOS devices. Let’s see how this changes once iOS 8 is released and how the developers make the most of the newly released API’s and SDK’s. Thanks for reading this article, Let me know what you would like developers to do with their apps once iOS 8 is released.

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