Nokia Lumia 1520 unboxing

Yes, the title is correct. This article is an unboxing…. article! I know that when you hear the term ‘unboxing’ you immediately think about it as being a video. But I have to tell you, you are wrong! At least this time. For this phone, I started to ‘think different’. No wait, that’s what I should’ve said when doing an article for the iPhone 6. So again, I started to think out of the box! Completely out of the box! Because you’ll have to admit, who would even think about writing a full and detailed unboxing article? I think I’m one of the few…
Anyways, back to the start of the show. The Nokia Lumia 1520. A 6-inch phablet made to compete with phones like the Note 3 and the HTC one Max. And today, we will unbox this massive phone.

Straight to the point

Like we are/were used to, Nokia used it’s typical Lumia package for the Lumia 1520. The box has the typical, what I call, Lumia blue color finished with a picture of the actual device on the front. After seeing the box you already can conclude that the Lumia 1520 is massive! Besides of the picture of the front on the device on the front of the box, we also have some additional information like serial numbers etc. at the bottom of the box. On the left side we have a part of the picture of the front, as well as the name the phone carries: Lumia 1520. On the right side Nokia chose for a clean, empty look. At the back howsoever, we have lots of information. You can find links to Nokia’s social media (Twitter and Facebook), what’s inside of the box and some logo’s from components as well as software that is used in the phone (yes it has Carl Zeiss optics).

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It’s all about the slide

It of course won’t be an unboxing article without the actual unboxing! And I think it’s the right time to unbox the phone right now. To unbox it we’ll need to go back to the bottom of the box, where we can find the red strap. And like with any other strap we have to…. pull it!

Nokia Lumia 1520 box strap

Because I have a review unit, the box already was opened and I just had to use a little bit of force to get the ‘perfect’ slide in order to get the box opened. After sliding the smaller box, that includes the phone and it’s accessories, out of the bigger box you are being welcomed by the massive phone that is the Nokia Lumia 1520. My first thoughts immediately were ‘wow this phone is big!’ and I didn’t mean big in just big, no I really meant massive! But enough said about how massive the phone is, it’s also interesting to know what else comes in the box.

Lumia 1520 in box

Isn’t the phone all we get then?

Nowadays people are more and more getting used tot he fact that their phone doesn’t comes with any accessories, a Moto G for example. In that way manufactures try to keep their price as low as possible, but the Lumia 1520 is in a whole other league. With a price-tag of around 430£, cheap isn’t the right word to call it. But for that price, you also get more than just a tiny USB cable. A whole lot more actually.
It already starts when taking the phone out of the box, the first thing you will see is a pin-ejection-tool. Yes, it is obvious that it’s included otherwise you wouldn’t be able to open the sim-tray. But with cheaper phones, you just get a removable back plate… After removing the ‘divider’ that includes the sim-tool,we have a little box that includes the manual. Which in my case is kinda dirty, and to be completely honest with you. I rather not know what the brown things are on the manual. But enough about that dirty manual, and let’s have a look what else is included in the box. Next up is our charging-brick, which in my case is the European one for obvious reasons. We also get a standard micro-usb cable, like most phones have nowadays, and to complete the whole package we also get a pair of red, matching the color of your Lumia 1520, headphones. I have to say I kinda like the earphones, especially because they are not in a most common black or white but in red.

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A quick first look

Of course this unboxing wouldn’t be complete without taking a quick look around the device. I know this is a bit ‘cliché’ but hey, the phone is the reason you spend you money. Not just for the box or some fancy looking red earphones. Now to to mention it again, this phone is massive! But it’s obvious, a phone with a 6-inch display can’t be small. It just can’t. Fortunately you get a very sharp 6-inch display, one with a resolution of 1080p to be specific. To cover the 1080p screen Nokia decided to use Corning Gorilla Glass 2. On the review unit I had, I could see some minor scratches. None of the deep enough to feel them, proving the advantages of Gorilla Glass. At least, showing that you almost can get none deep scratches. Because nobody want’s a scratch on their 6-inch screen that attracts all the attention! Beside of the screen we also have our ‘calling speaker’ and a 1,2 MP front facing camera. And on the bottom we’ll also find the capacitive buttons. 3 of them, the left one to go back or open the app switcher, the middle one (or windows button) is what can be used as ‘home button’ and the right button is the search button. This button will either way direct you to bing search, with a short press, and voice control when pressing on it for a longer time.

Nokia Lumia 1520

The front of the Lumia 1520


When turning the device around, and taking a look to the back. We can find a speaker at the bottom and a microphone at the top. Between these 2 we can find one of the key elements of this device. The camera! Rocking a 20MP camera with Zeiss optics, this device is in a category of its own. Beating phones like the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 in terms of MP, this phone got a lot attention. But is the camera as great as you expect of it? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to read that in the review that will go live in the coming weeks!

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Now, let’s talk buttons and ports! Standard a phone has 2/3 buttons, depending on how you count, a power button and volume button (actually 2 but I count it as one). This is calculated without any buttons on the front of course. But this phone has 3 buttons! Starting at the top with the volume buttons (an odd choice if you ask me) who are followed by our power button. And surprise surprise, under that you can find a camera button! I have to say this actually is a very handy button, especially when something happens around you and you immediately need acces to your camera app. I do had some issues with it opening the camera app while being in my pocket, but I will cover more on that subject in my full review.

The buttons (left to right) volume buttons, power button and camera button

The buttons (left to right) volume buttons, power button and camera button

At the top, we then have our 3.5mm headphone jack for your fancy red earphones, or for a beats headphone for example. My review unit had a tiny ‘scratch’ on it, not a big deal but it shows that the plastic that is used to make the phone is a bit vulnerable in some occasions. On the bottom we then have our micro-usb port. And on the left side we have both our SD card slot, that you can use to add up to 64GB, and our nano-sim tray. Both of them can be opened using the included ‘sim-tool’.

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Stay tuned

So after we know what we have included in the box, and how the device looks like. I guess it’s time to end this article. Be sure to stay tuned to teckcomesfirst to be sure you ‘catch’ my full review of this phone and windows phone 8.1! Also, be sure to leave your thoughts on this kind of articles in the comments down below. If you guys like this unboxing article, I might do the same for other products! Including phones, and maybe an iPhone 6 too! But again stay tuned for that! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you easily get a mail when a new article goes live!

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