Review: Nutz Audio Swank earphones

Coming off my last review, I mentioned how I’d recently bought a pair of Sennheiser earphones. A company I had admittedly never heard of by the name of Nutz Audio came to me directly and set me a challenge. “Our earphones can match the audio quality of your Sennheisers, if not that, then it will beat them.” Safe to say I was sceptical about it, so I got a pair of their earphones, and tested the theory out. I was blown away.


The sound quality of the “Swank” earphones is in the upper echelon of what I’ve ever heard in the past. The sound is made using RST (Reverse Sound Technology) which in Layman’s terms is perfected by sending the sound backwards in the earphones, rather than the conventional way of sending the sound directly to the eardrum. After sending the sound backwards, it bounces back around the speaker and into the eardrum. This in turn improves the sound quality and clarity of songs you listen to. (Side note: I have listened to songs through these and heard notes that I haven’t heard before, not many things can do this.)

Overall, the look of the earphones are beautiful, I opted for the black version, as I’m a simple man that loves monotone colours over flashy and vibrant offerings. The earphones are a two tone colour scheme of a silver and red combination, which looks very appealing to the eye. They are also made out of metal, which is a perfect addition. They also come in a very sturdy box with a leather look; I was very impressed by this. The carry case is also very sturdy, and small enough to carry about with no problems.

If I had to pick any negatives about these, it would be that they only offer two colours, red and black. I would like more choice in colours, such as pink/purple for women. Other than this, I couldn’t find anything else majorly wrong with the earphones. They are very much worth the £50 (Or regional equivalent) price tag they charge, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. If you wish to take a look at these earphones, and the other ear/headphones the company make, please visit

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