LG G4 leaked images: first look

First of all a big thank you to Prasoon Singh for sending us the leaked images he was able to collect when LG accidentally made a page about the G4 public.

The first thing that will immediately draw your attention after seeing the G4, is that it has a leather finished removable backplate. Compared to the G3 this is a huge upgrade, and it also immediately provides the G4 from a more premium look.


LG G4 battery

By the above picture we also can be sure that the G4 will have the same 3,000 mAh battery that the G3 has. I think this comes as a disappointment since the G3 is known for not having the best battery life out there. But, maybe LG made some software enchantments boosting the on-screen time for the G4. The good thing about the battery do is that it’s replaceable, so if you really need that extra juice to come thru your day you can just buy an additional battery. We also can be sure that the G4 has a micro-SD card slot that hopefully supports SD cards up to 128GB.


LG G4 Arc Design  Besides of the leather removable backplate, the G4 also has a Slim Arc Design that will provide the G4 of a better feel in the hand when holding it. Or at least, it’s said to provide you from that.

LG G4 IPS Quantum Dispay

Like last years G3, the G4 will also have a same 5.5″ size and 2560×1440 resolution Quad-HD display. There probably will be some minor changes in the G4’s display compared to the display that can be found it in the G3 but, we can be sure everything will look as crisp on the G4 as it looks on the G3. Also, when taking a closer look to the bezel of G4 we can see LG opted to give it a pattern in its finish.

LG G4 softwareLike you would expect, LG also looks like to have updated their skin on top of Android (hopefully) Lollipop. It has a flatter look, which I think almost everyone likes, is said to be simpler, more intuitive, more intelligent and to adapt better to your lifestyle. I already was impressed by the skin LG made for the G3, but if this is the G4’s skin I even am more excited than I was last year!

LG G4 CameraLast but not least, we also can see that LG has kept the same Laser autofocus technology and OIS that they used in the G3.
If all of the above is legit, and it looks like it is since we found the information on LG’s site, I think the G4 will be an awesome phone. But before we can 100% be sure wether this is the G4, we of course need to wait until LG announces it.
Of course we over here at TeckComesFirst will try our best to lay our hands on a G4 when it’s released to bring you a full review of it.
What are your thoughts on the G4 after seeing these leaked pictures? Be sure to drop ’em in the comments down below, we are interested to hear your thoughts on it!


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