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T eck Comes First was opened in December 2010 by Usman Hussain. The website was opened to give you all your technology needs in one place. We offer reviews, unboxings, unbiased opinions on the products that you want. That’s how we differ from other technology review websites. The founder Usman Hussain is a professional in reviewing, testing and bringing you the very best reviews. Usman Hussain is also a social media addict, graphic designer, web developer and internet entrepreneur.He has experience working with your every day programs while also being a specialist in Adobe Premiere and Google Sketchup. Usman Hussain has one aim on his mind. He want’s to bring you the very best unbiased reviews. He is an Apple enthusiast but works with Windows and Linux comfortably.

Since opening  in December 2012, Teck Comes First has not only flourished but has grown into a fully fledged technology orientated review website managed by a whole team of people dedicated to making the site a success for the community. We have now grown and have received over 33,000 views and have a whole fan base following and supporting us daily! If you require any more information then contact us. Remember to bookmark us and check us out frequently for all your technology needs.

Update coming soon to this page! Meanwhile, if you want to find out some random facts about us be sure to follow @TheTekGuy and @TeckComesFirst