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  • You will get exposure for your work
  • Will help keep our website alive
  • Promote your articles through social media

We have many different positions available too. Fancy becoming an editor and improving other writer’s content or helping us improve the site. Contact us using the form below are will consider your application.

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Check out some Testimonials of our writers below!

Purav Desai
“It’s been amazing working at Teck Comes First, the admin is very friendly and I feel very much at home. I publish articles as and when I can and the admin is absolutely fine with that. I would highly recommend Teck Comes First for first time tech writers/bloggers.”
Purav Desai Co-Owner
Satya Pasupuleti
“It’s been amazing writing for TeckComesFirst. Nothing felt like it was rushed and I was always given a ton of creative freedom to refine and perfect my articles. The admin is amazing and very helpful. Overall it’s been a great experience writing articles whenever I can. What is even better is the great fan base of TeckComesFirst that always gives great comments whether it is constructive criticism or praise.”
Satya Pasupuleti Writer


Shane Hughes
“Its been a real experience working for Teck Comes First, everyone is so friendly and your always busy and loads of challenges! (Not too hard!) I am really glad I am working at TeckComesfirst, it has been a pleasure! And I hope to always carry on. I publish articles when I want and there’s no rush, I try to do some though! I would recommend Teck Comes First to absolutely anyone, Its been a real Honour.”
Shane Hughes Former Writer
Karan Navani
“It has been a pleasure writing for Teck Comes First. The day from since I joined till the day I left, I never regretted that I was a part of Teck Comes First. The CEO has been really welcoming & wasn’t strict at all. Overall I recommend anyone a person with good writing skills & passion for tech to write for this site.”
Karan Navani Former Writer
Working at Teck Comes First made me able to write technology articles that I had an interest in, this website helped me become a better writer, and be able to go to other websites, and help them gain my knowledge I learned here. I will never forget this experience working for TeckComesFirst, and I would suggest anyone interested in technology to work here, sadly, with high school coming, I am quitting my position, but I will still check in and read all the articles for this amazing website. 🙂 
Andrew Former Writer
I could not have asked for a better experience writing for Teck Comes First. It gave me a great opportunity to write and to share my thoughts and opinions with others in technology. And although I have stopped writing for the site for the time being, I would not hesitate to return at some point in the future to carry on working with the great people there. I can only wish that the website goes on to bigger and better things and with such talented and passionate individuals running and working on the site, I know that it will and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. 
Dave Former Writer

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